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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Happy to have a chat on the phone or send any other info you might need. I'm here to help!

Is this retreat for me?

How will you know it's safe?

We'll be following the EU Traffic light system.

I'm currently in Fuerteventura and flew over while the island was on the orange list. It was safe and easy, and the numbers here are at a level where life feels pretty normal. Everything is open, restaurants, cafes, shops. We just need to wear a mask while outside. 

When do you expect the retreat to happen?

Ideally we'd love to run the retreat from March 23rd until 30th. However, due to Government restrictions this just might not be possible.

So we're waiting until the very first moment it's safe and then it will be full steam ahead. 

What kind of Covid precautions are you taking?

Before everyone flies, they will need to get a PCR Covid Test with 72 hours of flying and provide a negative test cert. on arrival. Once you have taken the test, please restrict your contacts as much as possible before you fly. 

We will be a small group and will be staying within in our bubble for the majority of the time here. We will be going to the beach, going for dinner a couple of nights, etc. but we will be outside as much as possible. We will have our own private accomodation and the same chef will be preparing all our meals, the contact with other people will be minimal. 

What about returning home?

We're going to wait until the Canary Islands are back on the orange list.

Meaning that you will be able to get a test in Fuerteventura before you fly and you won't need to quarantine when you get home.

Any tips for flying

Bring extra masks, gloves and hand sanitizer. Make sure to change your mask and gloves regularly and throw away the old ones. 

Minimise your carry on  luggage to make security as quick and easy as possible.

Bring some Dettol wipes to wipe down your seat and surrounding area once on the plane.

And if you want to be extra careful, make sure to have a big meal before you fly so you don't have to eat on the plane and can keep your mask and gloves for the duration of the flight.

Why are you offering a full refund?

Things are hard right now! It's hard to make a plan, it's hard to know what's going to happen next week, next month... and we're all trying to do our best in these challenging times.

So I want to make this as easy as possible for you, and I want you to know that I'm genuinely focused  on creating an amazing retreat that will be relaxed but very well organised, so that you can feel completely at ease knowing that everything has been considered and taken care of for you. 

I have lots more questions. What do I do?

Always feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or just to let me know you might be interested. My email is gillcostello @ and my number is 086 844 0677. I'd be delighted to hear from you :)

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