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About YOGA+


YOGA+ will not bring you Enlightenment.

YOGA+ will not allow you transcend space and time.

YOGA+ does not promise you Samadhi or the state of universal consciousness.


YOGA+ brings the fun! 

We are playful, we love to move and explore.

YOGA+ is offering you unique and exciting experiences,

all with yoga at its core.

From a place of peace and grounding,

we go out into our wonderful world to see what it has to offer.

Join the adventure!

YOGA+ is bringing you the practice of yoga,


travel, new places, new experiences, adventure, incredible food, music,

connecting you with like-minded people and much more to come...

watch this space (& time!)

YOGA+ was created by Gill Costello. 

Due to Gill's background in event and project management, along with her passion for yoga and self development,

she was drawn to create bespoke yoga retreats + events.

These incredible retreats + events were built on the foundation of allowing every person to fully, completely relax; knowing that

everything they need has been thought of and taken care of -

good food, great people, an open and welcoming environment, movement, play, with plenty of time to relax.

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About Gill

In 2013, Gill completed her Yoga Teacher Training in the beautiful McLeod Ganj, Northern India, home of the Dalai Lama.


Since then her love for yoga has continued to grow and grow. Through yoga, Gill experienced a deeper connection and understanding of her body and how it moves.  Something she's passionate about sharing with her students through her dynamic vinyasa flow classes. ​

Gill was formerly the Studio Manager of The Space Between yoga and events studio, Dublin, but has stepped away to work on

creating unique yoga retreats and events. She still teach's a number of classes with The Space every week 

and loves being part of The Space community.


Gill has recently channelled her creativity and love of yoga into a project she is incredibly passionate about 

Yogi Stories; 

Beautiful jewellery inspired by meaningful stories - created to empower!

Uniquely designed 14k gold over sterling silver necklaces.


There are currently two necklaces available.

Each story and design was chosen with great care and thought to create something truly special.


They are a gorgeous gift for you or for someone you love.

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